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Body improvement report 3

Progress this month was pretty good, for the most part. My weight keeps going down very nicely. Body fat and muscle mass went in mostly the correct directions, but they both had a weird spike the last few days of the month. I think something's wonky with my scale, to be honest. There's no way one missed workout makes that much of a difference. Excluding those data points, my body fat is down 7.7% to 21.1% (87.5% of my goal of 20.0%), muscle mass is up 14.2# to 222.2# (64.5% of my goal of 230.0#), and my weight is down 11.5# to 295.9# (92.7%(!) of my goal of 295.0#). Not bad at all. I'm still going to look into stepping things up a bit.

As for what I did differently, well, at the beginning of June, I took a week off working out (Doctor's orders! Really! It didn't take much to convince me, though). I think it genuinely helped though; I was able to lift noticeably more the next week. I've also switched over to an A-B-A routine, rather than doing the same thing 3 times a week, and I think that was a good move too. Sadly, my gym seems to not be running the personal training special that I'd heard they would, so I may still be on my own for a while yet.

Overall, though, my stamina is up (oooo, forgot to plot my endurance numbers, which I have from the beginning of the year), and I'm looking and feeling better. So, I'm calling it a success!
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