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Evil, but cute & gay about it
...ramblings of the imperfectly innocent
General update 
17th-Feb-2006 11:27 pm
Sorry for not posting in a while; I had promised someone that my next update would be on my kilt. I'd been hoping to have one of my SOs over to take some nice photographs, but I've given up on that. So, here I am.

Things are going very well on this side of the country. My job is still being kick-ass; there are two really cool, interesting, high visibility, fun projects going on, but they're both due in the next 3 weeks. Obviously, I can only work on one of them. I've decided to work on integrating the new high-performance [:REDACTED:] card, cause the one we use now sucks, instead of setting up the new [:REDACTED:] code analyzer. This will involve a good bit of low-level interface debugging and performance tuning, which are things I've wanted to sink my teeth into for a while. Yay!

Relationships are OK. My first SNF (Special Naked Friend) has been having drama in his world that I cannot fix, so I can only support him while he deals with it. Sadly, I have not seen him in a short while. *poke*. My other SNF and I are still going strong, so at least there's lots of really hot sex every so often.
I do think I need to find a third SNF; that'll have to go on my goals list for this year.

Also on that list are: work on my LISA paper (or just give up on it), work on my planetary simulation software, start on my Physics masters at UW, and get my blog up and running.

I have not done a lot of traveling or exploration; just a quick trip last weekend to CC's (the local Bear bar) which was pretty disappointing, and Bauhaus (my favorite coffee shop) which was fabulous as always. A 16 oz. decaf latte, and a chocolate glazed Top Pot donut: bliss!

I'm planning a lot of trips this year: a few days (maybe a week) in Chicago/Madison/Minneapolis during March, a week in the southwest (Arizona/Utah) in late April/early May, maybe a few days in Ft. Lauderdale in July (for a family thing), a few days in DC for LISA (I hope), and a week home for Christmas. That's my entire vacation allotment at work; hope I don't get sick!

Further topic-specific updates in the next few minutes!
18th-Feb-2006 05:21 pm (UTC)
SNF has got to be the most awesome poly acronym i've ever heard!
18th-Feb-2006 06:03 pm (UTC)
Hee! Yeah, I like it. I picked it up somewhere, and I think it accurately describes my current SOs.
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