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kitschparade came over on Saturday night, and we chatted, cuddled, and watched a She-Devil and Gattaca double feature. Afterward we began our own private Gay Pride celebration from about 2am to 1pm on Sunday (with some brief naps ;-).

We grabbed some coffee @ Tully's, then he went off to do a bit of shopping and I headed up to the Gay Pride celebration at Seattle Center. That was the big brouhaha this year: the move up there from the "traditional" Broadway/CapHill venue (which is the Seattle gay district). I was wary, I admit, but pretty much everyone agrees that it was a huge success. Fountain dancing is going to become a staple, I can already tell. The one downside is that Pride felt a lot more like every other festival, but this was the first year there, so maybe that'll change.

I had a surprisingly good time there, too. Ran into several different groups of friends (one of which was bconn, sinnabor, Garrett and Don), met some new people, did TONS of people-watching/drooling, and got a CD of some decent bagpipe music. A big win!
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