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The blue menace

Yes, I braved the trip (top down in *amazing* weather) down to Tukwila for IKEA's summer sale (Seattle's IKEA is one of the weird ones, so its sale is on now, apparently a bit after the other locations). It was busy, but nowhere near what I feared. They recently expanded the store, and I have to say I like the new layout (entrance/exit/parking). About halfway through, I saw my old friend: the HEDSTA cabinet.

One of the items that's been on my wantlist is a liquor cabinet; I've been trying to reclaim that counter space for some time. Early on, I found that at IKEA. It was pretty much what I was looking for: opaque doors, storage at counter-height, and it even had a drop-leaf and a mirror. The only problems were that I wasn't thrilled with the color, and, of course, it would be another piece from IKEA. So I kept looking. And looking. And looking some more. Though I found one or two things that were kinda-sorta what I wanted, the HEDSTA was still the closest.

Now, I'd done some searching for more info about that cabinet, and I found out its price had been reduced in other countries. Also, it wasn't coming up on IKEA's site by searching for "HEDSTA" (it is now, strangely). Given that, when I heard about IKEA's sale, I figured that it would be reduced here as well. Sure enough it was $199, down from $399 (prices did vary in Seattle)! I hemmed and hawed, but quickly decided that for $200, I could try it, and sell it on CL if I didn't like it. I asked the nearest clerk to see how many were left in stock. There were only 3, so I rushed down to the self-serve area to pick it up before doing any more browsing. Good thing, as I got the *last one*. Not thirty seconds later, an employee came looking for one for a customer; I was SO HAPPY that I got there in time.

It's home now, and assembled (even though I cracked one of the main pieces, and another piece was made wrong at the factory!), and I mostly like it. The color is better than I thought, but still not perfect. I'll live. ;-)

Besides that, though, I kept myself almost solely to sale items, and escaped fairly pain-free. Other purchases: 3 ÍRTAG spice shakers (.99 each), 2 STORM lights (one purple, and one orange; $7.99 each), 2 PLASTIS ice cube trays (blue strips, .99 each), and some Daim caramel candy.

Now, though I have a pronounced sweet tooth, I don't usually go for candy bars. I am a sucker for caramel in all forms, though, and these reminded me of a Heath or a Skor. They weren't insane calorie-wise, but the real reason I bought them was because they were made with sugar. No high-fructose corn syrup at all! And they are so, so good. An appropriate reward for assembling that monster cabinet.
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