November 14th, 2010


Ups and downs

I don't think I've ever had a morning as full of highs and lows as today. In the ever popular YAY/BOO format:
  • YAY: Saw seleniumdream and his wife this morning at brunch. He is recovering from surgery, and they are both doing very well.
  • BOO: The Drunken French Toast at Costal Kitchen was not nearly as good as it needed to be.
  • YAY: The eggs and bacon definitely were, though.
  • BOO: The coffee cake was raisin apple. Uh, no.
  • BOO: The coffee itself was subpar today.
  • YAY: Since it wasn't raining, I decided to talk a long walk home instead of the bus. I found a very nice local bakery I'd never noticed. They have quite decent whoopie pies. Yum.
  • YAY: On the way home, I stopped at Vivace for some good coffee (possibly the best in Seattle, in fact). It was lovely.
  • YAY: While waiting in line, mrdorbin, his husband, and their son walked in! Whee!
  • BOO: While drinking my coffee, I learned that I've been scooped! ARGH! I had some awesome results showing two serious weaknesses in Murmurhash 2, and I've been (excruciatingly slowly) writing them up, and it turns out that the author has posted about one of them on Nov 4! CURSES! Ah, well, Murmurhash 3 is in the works, and I plan on emailing my comments to the author, so maybe things can be fixed there. But I was soooo hoping for a tiny slice of e-fame!
  • YAY: Remembered to stop by LUSH on the way home for more shaving cream.
  • BOO: LUSH has discontinued the shaving cream that I use! NOOOOOO!
  • YAY: They appear to have reformulated their Prince shaving cream into something I might like. Bought it instead.
  • BOO: Nordstrom Rack (one of the few places I can find shows that fit) had no shoes that I liked.

And the funnest YAY is for last. While I was on my way out of Nordstrom, I noticed a woman holding a bag from Penzeys Spices. I was confused, because we don't have one around here. A quick search on my phone showed that I was wrong: WE TOTALLY HAVE A PENZEY'S AROUND HERE NOW OMG! It opened two days ago, apparently, just across the street from Nordstrom Rack! I know I shouldn't be such a label whore for them, especially since we have the awesome World Spice on the other side of the Market, but I am. WOOOOOO!
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