September 11th, 2010


"Live" from SF

As I posted before, I'm down in California to work at our San Jose office for a bit. The project that I'm working on is under insane deadlines (~1.5 weeks from now) and is not near done. I'm playing a bit of hooky today, having driven up to SF.

I should be working, and as soon as I'm done typing this up I will be for a few hours before meeting kimuchi for dinner.

I have found *many* mini-bottles of liquor to try. I did not stop at any of the stores down by Folsom, despite the extreme temptation. The real killer though was the Ferry Building. For over a year I have been dreaming of once again having the out of this world jelly donut-like bombolini available there. AND THE STORE IS GONE! DENIED! Their web site says they're moving, but they don't have a new place yet. Argh! I even went down to the "underground farmer's market" in the hopes that another bombolini baker (Heartbaker) would be there, but they were not. No bombolini for me! Dammit.

Ah, well, I'm having some fantastic blueberry frozen yogurt, and now I have to get back to the stressball that is this awful project.
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