August 10th, 2010


Random wonders

If you use SSH, and you have to use Windows, then you probably use PuTTY. What you may not know is that the author of PuTTY (simont) also wrote a collection of puzzles in Java, so you can run them anywhere (someone even ported them to Android!). It has the usual classics like Minesweeper (with some improvements!) and Sudoku, but a bunch of other ones! My current obsession is Signpost. So, hope you weren't planning on being productive today.

On a rare whim, I picked up the Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs" at a local CD store, which is turning out to be pretty awesome. No building orchestral wonder like "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" was, but there are several gems: "City with No Children", "Half Light II (No Celebration)", and "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" are particular favorites. I have a tiny tinge of annoyance because for only $1 more, I could have bought it from their website with digital download. Ah, well, I supported a local business, and I do have cdparanoia to rip the disc myself.

There's a phenomenal new-ish webcomic called Oglaf. No link to the home page here, because, uh, some episodes are NSFW. Highly NSFW. Some which are SFW are: Wolf, Skein, King Shaped, Lute, Sooth. and Shark. DO NOT click the "Next Story" or "Prev Story" links on those if those around you object to sexual content. If you do go browsing around, note that several storylines have multiple pages and/or epilogues; the Archive page may be your best starting place. Oh, and do check out the mouseover text, and the other alt punchline in the HTML, if you're so inclined.

Cocktail Phylogeny Poster. DO WANT.

Vernor Vinge is working on The Children of the Sky, a near-term sequel to A Fire Upon the Deep. Squee!

A pencil-and-paper solitaire game I'd not previously heard of. I am particularly fascinated that all computer solutions are so far as significantly worse than the best human ones.
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