June 29th, 2009



Spent Saturday being all domestic. Got lots of chores and cleaning done. Roomba's battery is acting wonky. There are some tricks to try to make it normal again. I hope they work because I do not want to have to do the Costco return dance.

Got my bike fixed. The brakes work wonderfully now! They don't make horrible squeal noises anymore either. All for $50 less than the quoted repair cost! Not bad.

Went to the Yellow Leaf Cupcake company also. The chocolate toffee I had was not impressive: not enough chocolate flavor and kinda dry. The mini red velvet was not much better (the cream cheese frosting totally overpowered it). The mini coconut was promising, though, and I took a bunch more to try later. The vanilla turned out to be quite good, as was the chocolate orange. I still have root beer float and green tea/berry in the fridge. I also need to try out their tomato soup cupcake. Further reports ahead, no doubt...

Bedlam (the new coffee place) continues to be awesome!

Oh, and the city council approved the Bell Street park! OMGYAY! Of course, now I'll have to attend all those planning meetings. Should probably do some research to see what I might want in a park, and what features other good boulevard parks might have. Mmmmm... armchair urban planning.

Early Sunday (before Pride) was brunch, and it was entirely unimpressive. Red Fin: great for dinner, but not for breakfast. Good to know. (Oh, seleniumdream, they have a *5*-course tasting menu on Sundays and Mondays for $30, which includes sushi. Maybe we can all go sometime?)

Sunday was Pride, and it was awesome! Went with ctseawa, and had a great time. Very long parade this year, and a good turnout. No super-impressive floats, but lots of great energy. Saw tons of my friends (sinnabor in the parade, shirtlifterbear on his way to the Sounders game, auxugen, and lots of others). I want to know where all these other gay people hide during the year, though.

Seattle Center is such a great place to hold the festival. The fountain is the best part. There were the usual throngs of people in their skivvies, and this year a number of people bared all (yay!). Pictures before the heat death of the universe. Probably.

Oh, speaking of photos, I have been doing quite well, lately, with editing them and getting them online. I've made lots of progress, especially since the latest version of hugin now does HDR-ish stuff automatically, even at the same time as it does its usual panorama magic. Such a timesaver! Hey ted_badger, guess which mountaintop panorama I'm currently working on... :-)

Later that evening was an organ recital at St. John's Cathedral. Apparently there's some pipe organ manufacturer's convention in town, and this was the kickoff. I had been planning on going, but somehow nearly missed it. It started at 8pm, and I was on the phone to various people when suddenly it was 7:25. Barely made it in time, but was glad I did.

Well, mostly. The performance was both good and bad. Half the performance was a choir. Which, fine, they were good, but I was there for the pipe organ. It was also very hot and uncomfortable. Mer. For a supposedly secular event, there musical selections were extremely religious. Yes, it was in a church, but are all organ manufacturers Christian? It was not what I was expecting. The music was suitably bombastic, yes, but it was also quite dissonant and even sometimes atonal. Not what I would have chosen at all. Still, the organist was quite good.

The best part was simply hearing what that organ could do. I'd attended services there a few times, and I could tell that it harbored... more. It's like listening to good sports car being driven around town at 20mph: it'll do it without complaint, but that's not what it wants, and you can tell. In particular, it turns out that it's really *two* organs. The console at the front can also control the one in the back, which leads to some beautiful effects (angelic trumpets from above and behind, anyone? New Worship Plus(tm)! Now with Surround Sound!).

It was fantastic hearing that instrument *really* being played. I kept hearing "This baby has some nasty thirty-two-foot reed stops in the pedals, real earthshakers, probably put there specifically to irritate the Outer Qwghlmians across the street" in my head all night, which made it even better...

So, yeah, lots of fun. And how are you?
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