June 20th, 2009



Went to the Solstice Festival and parade. Was ten kinds of awesome. Got there early, had a leisurely breakfast, walked around with little crowd, brought water and sunscreen. Awesome plan, doing it again next year.

Found an OK location for the parade. Need to find a less shaded place next year, and with a better background. Was closer to start of parade this year. Probably get better pictures further on, when everyone is spread out, and when in-parade photographers aren't in every shot. :-/

Weather was great. Lots more naked cyclists this year. About the usual number of kilts. Tons of free samples of things like Kashi and stevia-based sodas. Bought a cool gold-and-red swirly liquid filled bottle. It is mesmerizing. Bought a shirt, and some decent food. Found my mysterious smoothie place which had a completely different name than I remembered, explaining why I could never find it. Had a merely very good one this year; won't go for sugar free option next time.

Walked over to gasworks park, and just basked in the sunlight and energy. Had a truly marvelous time.

On the way home, I dropped my camera and damaged my lens. Not fatal, completely fixable (according to the internets), but annoying. Should be OK for Pride next weekend.

Took ~800 photos. Might see them this lifetime. Maybe. The best of the ones I took (the money shot, as it were) are: Naked Wolverine among the naked cyclists, Naked Wolverine without most of his costume, Very hot naked smiley-faced boy (with very hot friend) who was asking everyone to take his picture and put it online, Backside of smiley-faced boy. Inspiration for taking the time and energy to extract those now goes to geeksdoitbetter and bjarvis.

And now, I am going to curl up on the couch and try to keep my head from exploding because I feel just awful. I was sick yesterday, and felt fine until I got home, and now it's just crap onna stick. Bleah.
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