May 4th, 2009

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Updates in... general

I'm still alive, yes. I have several updates hopefully pouring out over the next few days.

Things have been fantastic and crazy. Several people visited, including cow and bear_left. (It feels like I'm forgetting someone; sorry if it was you!) badfaggot moved back to Boston. Been getting to the gym more, and hanging out with my brother more. Helped host an amazing party at ctseawa's place. Did a tour of Woodinville vintners. Had a great weekend in Victoria and environs (also with cow).

But mostly, I've been working. I was giving my presentation on my big project, for being 90% done with it, and suddenly my boss says "oh, yeah, the deadline for that was moved up to this Friday, so make sure this is all checked in by then, and then spend next week testing it all." Allrighty, then! I guess I know what I'm doing for the next two weeks! This is the first time my boss has done something like that to me. I hope it does not become a pattern.

And the current time suck/drama is family. My father arrived in town on Friday. His ditzy current girlfriend arrived today. My mother arrives in town this coming Friday. Oh, boy! This could be exciting, in all the bad ways!

So, yes, I have a big checklist of things to do after I get through this last bit of the current craziness, but I am deliberately not scheduling any specific times. I want a nice big block of empty space on my calendar for once.
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