November 4th, 2008


Yes we did

The success of this election literally has me in tears. Not only will we have a President we can be proud of, I feel like we're finally a country again. We can start undoing all of the damage we've sustained over the past eight years. We can start rebuilding our relationship with the rest of the world, the election itself going a long way in that regard. And I won't be up at night terrified of who might appear next in the Supreme Court. The champagne is open, and the whole city is celebrating (as the continual horns outside my window attest).

But while the Presidential election was by far the most important, there are any number of other critical issues on the ballots this year. Prop 1 in WA (aka. Sound Transit 2, aka. "goddammit give us our light rail already") is so far passing hugely: Pierce County is passing it narrowly at 51-49, but Snohomish County is at 55-45, and King County is currently at an awesome 63-37. The horrible I-985 (aka "lets pay money to make traffic worse!") is currently losing 40-60, and the awful, awful Dino Rossi is currently losing 53-47. Those were all insanely important things to go well, and for this region's sustainability and growth it looks like good news all around.

The rest of King County's results are kinda mixed. The good: Pike Place Market and Parks levies are passing (63-38, and 60-40), non-discrimination is yes (74-26!), budgeting improvements are yes (63-37, and 77-23), and fewer committee members are yes (66-34). The bad: nonpartisan county elections (55-45), elected director of elections (57-43), and qualifications for elected officials (53-47) are all passing, and making it harder to change the KC charter is failing (48-52). Could easily be worse, I guess.

Lastly, and far from least, civil rights are taking a beating across the nation. Current results show amendment 2 in FL passed, as did amendment 102 in AZ, both banning same-sex marriage. Initiative 1 passed in AK, essentially banning same-sex couples from adopting children. I can't find any info on the anti-transgender efforts in FL. Lastly, of course, is CA's Prop 8, which is narrowly passing at this moment, but will definitely be a nail biter, possibly not even resolved tomorrow morning. But exit polling looks like it'll be a narrow defeat; all the other results give me hope it will fail.

To end on an up note, the PA races that I care about are both good news: both John Murtha and Paul Kanjorski won their seats in the House. Kanjorski represents my hometown, and he's been good to our family in particular and the area in general. That race was very tight, but it looks like he pulled it out.

Where to go from here? I think I'll continue to celebrate all of the major, major victories that we've earned tonight, and look forward to all of the positive changes that will be effected in the coming months and years.

It's going to be good.
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