July 16th, 2007

matrix, system failure

But it feels so good when I stop

Going to the gym is always the most stressful part of my day. These past 2 weeks have sucked harder than most.

kimuchi recently recommended New Rules of Lifting as a good workout book. I like a lot of what I read, especially the bits explaining how I was (like most people) doing the leg press entirely wrong, and how I should never do that exercise anyway. But holy hell, even the introductory "break-in" workout is completely kicking my ass.

In addition to the usual pile of annoyances, one of the trainers today pointed out how I was doing my squats wrong (I was doing them exactly how my previous trainer told me to, which only means I really should have fired him sooner than I did). Her analysis plus my complete inability to do enough pushups, or to do reverse crunches at all, lead me to believe that my core is just nowhere near as strong as it needs to be given my bulky upper body. I'm not even to the level of doing stuff designed for people who haven't worked out in years!

I know that that's overreacting, but gah!
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