July 14th, 2007


Out and proud

Seattle Pride suffered a weird schizophrenia this year. I won't go into all the OMG!DRAMA, but there were two parades this year: on Saturday, there was a parade in the gayborhood of Cap Hill, with a celebration at Volunteer Park, and a much bigger parade on Sunday downtown, with a celebration at Seattle Center.

I was too dead from Friday night (jello shots are fucking evil, even more so when they're being sold by two hot guys fundraising for an AIDS charity) to go to the Saturday parade, which was awesome by all accounts. Apparently that's where almost all the edgier stuff was. Ah, well.

Sunday, I met bconn, ctseawa, and others at Uptown Espresso around 10. The parade was pretty good, with a lot of inspired floats. This year, The Stranger (a local alternative weekly) awarded prizes to the top 3 best floats. The first place winner was deservedly awarded to the NWBears and their "Bears, Bath, & Beyond" float.

The festival at Seattle Center was almost as good as least year. Lots of shirtless beef playing in the fountain. Saw the same guy that I ran into on Friday (talked about here). It took me a few moments to work up the courage to go over and say something, and by that time he was gone. Didn't see him the rest of the day. Bummer. Hit on another guy who turned out to be straight. Bah.

Later that night, I decided I wasn't quite done with Pride, so I headed up to the street fair being thrown by The Cuff. Got all the up there, took one look at the block+ line to get in, and headed to CC's for a quick drink instead. Did a bit more socializing, and headed home.
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Noonhat lunch

As I said, I had a lunch setup via NoonHat.

On the website, there was a map showing the locations where the original participants were. None were in Lower Queen Anne, so I was worried there might not be someone in my area to have lunch with. When I got my email on Thursday morning, I was pleasantly surprised there were 2 people I was matched with. Like I posted about, we had to reschedule for Friday, but that was fine.

We met at 12:15 at Racha Noodle, one of my favorite Thai lunch places. I got there first, and though we'd exchanged info on how to recognize each other, I brought the NoonHat sign to display on the table. David arrived shortly after me; he's roughly my age, single (I think), a former software developer, now semi-pro photographer. After him was Austin; slightly older, married. I can't remember what he does, but he apparently knows the NoonHat founder, briandorsey. Austin mentioned another of Brian's social projects, which I will be very interested in after the summer is over.

I'd hoped for a lively group, but the search for common ground didn't yield much. I think we were all a little unsure of how to begin things; I need to review my first-date skills. A conversation on tech topics kinda defeated the purpose, I felt, so we ended up keeping mostly to photography. Austin was an enthusiast like me, and he's lucky enough to be heading off on an African safari (with another interesting story behind why he was going).

We did have a good time (we talked for over an hour), but I didn't get the impression that we really clicked, so I doubt we'll be having lunch with each other again anytime soon. Pleasant, but not as off-the-beaten-path as I'd have liked. I'll definitely be signing up again, though.
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