January 1st, 2007



As predicted, I went to watch the fireworks at the Needle, and the crowd of drunken amateurs (to use kitschparade's word) did get me in the mood a little. The show was actually really impressive. Medium length (7 minutes), but a very nice variety of shots and it really made use of the structure (both the 3 tiers and the central "spine"). High marks. My champagne was a nice finish to the night also.

Today is still recovering from being sick, doing tons of little chores around the house (unpack, do washes, pay bills, file paperwork, &c.), and a little bit of relaxing. Right now I'm enjoying some coffee, some excellent Christmas cookies, and a bit of poppy seed roll (a traditional Christmas dessert for our family). Still need to do my big 1/3/5/10 year goal planning, but right now I just need to sit and veg a bit.

Happy New Years!
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