November 19th, 2006


Evening of foodpr0n

While the long-awaited chicken stock did not get made, due to my on-call responsibilities taking up my whole morning, several other food bits did happen today.

First was some cooked eggnog (heat 2c. milk + 1c. cream + 1t. nutmeg to boiling, whisking 1/3 c. sugar into 4 yolks, temper and mix, add bourbon, refrigerate, fold in 4 whipped whites): yum! I love making eggnog because that means I get to buy cream from The Creamery at Pike Place Market. They sell an extra-rich variety and when you open it there's a layer of milkfat right on the lid! That's the high-test stuff, right there.

Also tonight is Spicy Orange Chicken, courtesy of America's Test Kitchen, as well as some saffron rice (which is rice, saffron, and butter; what, you were expecting maybe marshmallows?). Oooh, and a nice cold bottle of BridgePort IPA from my Portland trip, oh yes.