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The date

The date last night was good, if a little weird. I screwed up the dinner reservation, so we went to Brasa instead of Flying Fish. We split squid ink risotto (with leeks, calamari, and cherry tomatoes) for an appetizer, then Keith had the roast pig (with clams, chorizo, and onions all on top of a baked potato) and I had the whole roast bass (herbed, with clams and onions). Each dish was astoundingly tasty.

After that, I invited him up to my place, neither promising nor asking for sex. We cuddled and talked a while, agreed that there is serious relationship potential here, and that we'd take this slowly. Then he decided the couch was too crowded (or something), so we arranged the pillows on the floor and rearranged ourselves there. Shortly after, he fell asleep. This was not the first time a hot man had begun napping in my arms, and it was no less fun or flattering this time around. But this turned out to be no cat-nap; he was asleep for almost 3 hours. Buh? Now, yes, I could see he was tired, and he'd said (repeatedly) that he'd had a very long day, so I'm more than willing to cut him some slack here, but it was still a bit strange. He refused repeated offerings of the bed, and said he couldn't stay over because of his dogs, so I sort of just let him sleep. He did leave about 1am with lots of hugging, kissing, and touching. Can't wait to see him again; hopefully before my upcoming Ft. Lauderdale trip. Oh, yeah, I don't think I mentioned that here. I'll post about it soon.
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