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Weekend Report

Dennis Miller was unavailable.

On Saturday, I went up to Fremont to see the Solstice Parade. It was really awesome! Naked bikers, lots of music, kooky political floats, and even a New Orleans funeral! One thing that I noticed was there were no signs. At all. Apparently, all lettering is forbidden in this parade, which is a neat twist. Anyway, very cool, and I'll be sure to go next year. I did have some surprisingly good and cheap fair food, and got really sunburned (forgot my sunscreen and my hat!) even though I was in the shade most of the time.

bconn had mentioned that he was going to be there (neglecting to mention that he was in the parade), and so I met up with sinnabor at Fremont Coffee, and waited for Brian, Garrett, and any others. Also along was Jim (Garrett's brother) and someone else whose name I forget (sorry!). We walked around the fairgrounds for a while, getting some food and beer, and just generally had a great time. Garrett's partner Don also showed up at some point; it was nice meeting him. I was expecting to see a lot of kiltage, and was not disappointed. We even had an "under kilt" show-and-tell circle! Heehee! The group wandered over to Gas Works park, which had a nice crowd and some cool Hedwig-inspired stuff going on. Finally, we all split up and went our separate ways.

Really had a great time, in no small part thanks to all the people I was with.

Was supposed to see Morris on Saturday night, but he was unavailable (there was some miscommunication). Wanted to go to Garrett's party, but wasn't feeling good at all (probably due to all the sun). Stayed home, cleaned up, did wash, and put on lots of Noxzema and LUSH Dream Cream.

Sunday was more meatspace maintenance, followed by hot, pounding sex with Morris. So, yay for that.
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