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Work Badness

About 6 weeks ago, a new guy (whom I'll refer to as W) was brought on. W is on Paxil, and is somewhat... uninhibited as a result. This was something that he informed every single person he interviewed with. He seemed to be a really brilliant guy and a decent worker, and he and I had started to become friends. Because of that, most of this is from him (read: his side of the story).

Recently, W's manager decided to hold an event for his department. On Monday, W was "uninvited" from it (rude!). The alleged reason for this was that "another employee felt uncomfortable having his kids around W". Inappropriate! An employee's feelings are not sufficient for a manager to do something so exclusionary, divisive, and morale-killing to another employee. If there are allegations of inappropriate behavior, then postpone the event; don't single out someone who may be innocent!

In this case, there were such allegations. W's manager decided to start an HR investigation, which, OK, but as part of this he went around digging up event the most insignificant of incidents to use against him (read: "witch hunt"). I was present for one of these, and there was nothing inappropriate about what he said; a bit odd and overly-friendly, but nowhere near over the line. That was Tuesday; he was not in Wed. or Thu., and apparently officially let go on Friday. Just railroaded out because of a manager. Horrifying!

So, now there is no way in hell I'm working under that manager, ever. Unfortunately, he's currently in charge of all the developers doing the cool stuff. Unless something happens, I'll have to reconsider what my career at this company looks like. Which totally sucks.
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