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Evil, but cute & gay about it
...ramblings of the imperfectly innocent
food pr0n - AB's chili 
29th-Jan-2006 01:47 pm
I lurve reading jss1113's food reports, so I figure I'll just stealuse that idea.

Last night was Alton Brown's chili. I had some lovely stew meat that I picked up on the cheap, and I just had to use Kilt Lifter Ale (I just realized I didn't post about my utilikilt! Next post...). Safeway didn't have canned chipoltes that it calls for, so I headed next door to Larry's, which did. I was going to make AB's chili powder from scratch, but Larry's also had this can of "Salsa Ranchera", which is tomato puree, jalapenos, anchos, and cascabels, with a bunch of good spices and stuff. I used that and my Penzey's chili power instead, and I think that was the right answer. As an aside, that stuff is also my new favorite salsa. Yum!

I didn't have a pressure cooker, so I did the slow version (6 hours in the oven in a heavy pot), and that, I think, was a huge mistake. It formed a badly burned crust where it touched the pot, and the middle was much less liquidy than I expected. I took great care to make the lid as airtight as possible, so I dunno. It is rather tasty (the non-blackened bit, that is), so I'll probably try again after I buy a pressure cooker. I had also been worried that the meat chunks were too large, but they are all fork-tender now, so I'll know that for next time too. *sigh* I'll see what I can salvage out of what I have.
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