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Banya visit, pt. 3

Part 3 - learning to flirt

Though there were a lot of nice-looking guys, about 90 minutes in, I was lounging in the brine pool when I noticed a tall, very nicely-built, jaw-droppingly gorgeous brown boy coming out of the steam room. He wandered over to the edge of the brine pool, and started stretching, touching his toes as every muscle tensed and relaxed. I was entranced. He got in at the corner next to me, and continued his exercises, jutting out in front of me. I played it cool, not staring, but mentally began coming up with something clever to say to test the waters.

After a few minutes of having various of his body parts roam in and out of my vision, he said something like "Oh, sorry", and I replied "No worries, but now you're just teasing.". This got a hearty laugh, and his attention. So, a HUGE success. I turned towards him, and he proffered a handshake, introducing himself as Keith. We talked a bit, joining in conversation with the few others in the pool (I know! Strangers *genuinely* conversing with each other. IN SEATTLE! Who knew?). I got a little blip on my flirt-dar, but nothing conclusive. Eventually he got up, so I wrote it off, and we parted ways as I went back to the parilka to do another round.

After a while, I went upstairs to rest and have some tea. On my way back to the sauna, Keith was just exiting it, and sat down on a chair. We exchanged some brief witty banter, and just as I was about to go in to the sauna, he sort-of stared at me a bit too long, and then winked. Dude! He WAS flirting with me!

Not passing this up, I sat down next to him, and we started talking some more. Gradually, we expressed our interest in each other. I asked him out to dinner sometime, he accepted, and we exchanged email addresses. Lots more conversation, and we went into the sauna together for more flirting, and even a little hot kissing (woo!). At that point, though, he actually had to leave. Still, it was magical, and I hope we see each other again soon. I'll keep you posted, I'm sure. ;-)
Tags: banya5, dating, gay, squee

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