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After two nights of going to the gym after having some time off, my muscles are pretty sore. I took a long, hot, LUSH-enabled bath last night, and it helped lots (since, you know, I can walk today), but I need more. As I was laying half-submerged in my puny tub (when I buy a condo, one of my "MUST have"s is a me-sized bathtub), I was wishing I had access to a large hottub. Then I remembered Banya 5. Then, no, I didn't want to blow the money for it. Then I remembered: oh, wait, *I already did*! I did the "5 for the price of 4" dealie when I was there, so I still have 3 visits already paid for! Sweet!

So, anyway, I'm going there tonight, and if any of my Seattle guy friends (Thursdays are men only) want to join me, just let me know.
Tags: banya5, life, lush

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