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Good stuff

These past few days have been very weird; an odd mix of ups and downs.

Work has been super busy, but fun and satisfying. A very important customer had an esoteric problem on two of their machines, and I got to track down the how and why of it happening, as well as how to fix it. It was a great "whodunit" software investigation. Long story short, it was a manufacturing procedure problem, and the fact that those machines were originally installed with some incompatible software. It was a very high visibility task, and I got heaps of praise from my boss and grand-boss, which made me very happy.

My recent bizarro infection is cured. We still have no idea what it was, as every test came back negative. At some point my doctor put me on Cipro (the nuclear bomb of antibiotics; the stuff they give you for Anthrax) and it magically went away. Along with all those helpful digestion-related bugs. So that was less than fun.

I really hope the NSA has fun with that last paragraph. Oh, the keywords....

One of my projects this summer was to build an "air conditioner" (bucket, water, freeze packs, pond pump, copper tubing, fan) for my bedroom. It has no windows, so a traditional a/c wouldn't work, and the portable versions go for $400-500, which I was not going to pay. Yesterday, someone on Craigslist (which I love) posted one for $125, which is a much more reasonable price. Clearly, he did not research how much these things usually go for. I was lucky enough to see the ad just as it went up, and was the first person to respond (he got a lot of responses, apparently :-). Now I don't have to worry about it being too hot to sleep this summer. Yay!

One very nice side-effect of buying things from CL is all the different parts of the region I get to see. The previous thing I'd bought was in a section of town called Skyway, which I'd never even heard of. It was *gorgeous*: a big hill at the south end of Lake Washington with awesome views of the city, the lake, and Mercer Island. The a/c was out in Redmond, in a big forested region with lots of McMansions, done with surprising amounts of taste.

Yesterday was my 3rd annual 29th birthday. On Friday, I brought in some of my recent rum acquisitions and, in lieu of the usual company beer'o'clock, a bunch of my coworkers and I had a nice little gathering, which was tons of fun. Last night, some friends and I had dinner and drinks at The Zig Zag cafe, which was even better than I'd hoped. Also on the menu was a *stunning* cake from the Macrina Bakery (white cake with lemon curd and raspberry filling, frosted with white chocolate buttercream). Thank you to all who attended.

One of the reasons I like the Zig Zag, if you'll recall, is their selection of rums. For my bday, I tried the Flor de Cana 12yr and the Ron Matusalem 15. They were both pretty good, but I won't be rushing to buy either. They were very similar; the latter had a particularly sharp nose, but was very smooth with a nice long finish, if not nearly as deep as I'd have liked. The former was nice, but, again, weaker than I'd have liked. Ah, well, lots more to try.

The bottles that I bought myself for my bday were: Sea Wynde rum, Zaya Gran Reserva, and Angostura 1824. Reviews on those later. Oh, and I also bought a bottle of Balvenie 21 for the occasion; something I've been wanting for a while. Yes, it's not rum, but I can't be a one trick pony, can I?
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