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There's so much good stuff in my life, it feels a little churlish to complain, but all those little niggling details of life gone wrong have started to pile up in my psyche, and I need to vent.

This weekend was a partial success. I did get my sleep cycle back to something sane, although I ended up going with the "sleep a whole lot" strategy, rather than the "stay up all night and crash the next" method that I usually use. This meant a lot less free time than I'd hoped for. I only got about 1/3 of the cleaning done that I wanted to, but it was the most horrible, labor-intensive chunk, even if it did take 150% more time than I budgeted. The major obstacle is that I simply can not find the mounting assemblies for these IKEA shelves that I have, and they don't have the manuals on-line, so I can't even look up what the hardware looks like to go buy something similar from some hardware store. (All of my leftovers from each other piece from IKEA have their own labeled Ziploc bag in one of two places, but not those shelves!) So, they didn't get mounted, which means my liquor collection is currently taking up the entirety of my buffet, which means I have even less work space than before I cleaned! And of course I didn't even touch my paperwork, bathroom, or bedroom yet. Ugh. Guess I know what I'm doing this weekend...

I also made some progress on selling my M:tG cards. The first step in that process is sorting and inventory, and instead of one huge pile of cards to sort, I now have a lot of little ones to alphabetize (that may not sound like much progress, but it is).

The BBQ on Monday was fabulous though; I met a lot of new people, had some great food, and a really good time that lasted much longer than I thought. So that was a big plus.

The only foodpr0n I got to this weekend was the pork chops (plain breadcrumbs, Penzey's Sandwich Shake to taste, Ziploc bag; shake, rest, wet, shake, pan fry over medium until GBD) and broccoli w/cheese sauce (which actually worked this time).

Let's see what else I didn't get done this month:
  • Call/email cpj
  • Call jkhedron
  • Call ted_badger
  • Finish travel blog entries from last year
  • Get 1/3 of the way through editing photos
  • Make dentist appt
  • Go see eye doctor again
  • Start refreshing Japanese
  • Find UW non-credit physics course
  • Begin correcting credit report
  • Fix Newton
  • Fix Firefox prefs on home computer

OTOH, while compiling that list, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of things I did get done, so I guess it's not all bad.

Everything just feels so tedious lately, and I don't know why. I can't get motivated to do anything. *sigh*

Some of that is just sexual frustration. For personal medical reasons (for those I've slept with: not an STD; I'd have notified you if I had one), I can't have sex for a little while, and it's killing me, especially since there's this new boy who I really want to be with and who seems to feel the same way about me.

Some of it is insomnia/sleep problems, which I hope are manageable again. A big part of those turn out to be my gym schedule (apparently working out from 8-10pm can hurt if you're trying to going to sleep at midnight), but I don't see any reasonable way of changing it (going really early or at lunch are just not practical options), and my doctor agrees that the exercise is more important than missing a few hours of sleep. Well, I used to think that. I suppose if it's messing up the rest of my life, I'll have to reconsider. Hrm.

Oh, AND my mp3 player broke, so I'm music-less at the gym for a while, which is just annoying.

And I just remembered that I forgot to charge my phone at work so the battery is still dead. Great.
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