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One ultra-fabulous Christmas present that I got this year was Magnetic Poetry. I took it in to work, and put it up on my public-ish whiteboard. Here are some of the insights it's giving us today:

drunk thousand breast mad goddess
and honey butt mother

my sad lazy puppy

his elaborate wind is always likely


boy ache symphony
dream but do

moments gone; whispered
through a cool rusting forest
in mist and shadow

tiny languages
have smoothness
behind life

urge me to beat TV

recall the stormy peach

how she wanted sea

I am an egg

eat some hot power

her bluest scream was like the boiling worship

he did see two sit above picture garden and soar

will eternity run red
  voiding repulsive floods
    beneath the iron sky

incubate sausage playfully

stop my pole

use apparatus to manipulate produce

she is saying men sing about randy women

frantic friendly sweat
sordid yet chocolate sweet
no sleep
or nearly none

still winter lake
moonshine on water
like bitter white petals
on a luscious black gown
Tags: dada, humor, poetry, work

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