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One of the ways in which my job is so cool is that we have whiteboards in the bathrooms. Yes. Whiteboards in the bathrooms. The latest generation of wisdom currently inscribed is particularly good, and I figured I'd share it with you all (colors included):

House Rules

Don't pee on the floor

No cameras <-- Ah, man, does this mean I need to take the camera out of the vent?

No cops, for any reason, ever, allowed inside w/o a warrant (Not even for a donut?)

Don't let anyone touch you in your bathing-suit area
(Not even for a donut?)

Wash your hands, else flush yourself down the toilet (Before donuts at least)

Do not hang donuts on your person unless you wish to make nice to a cop or engineer


Dealer hits on soft 17

Don't tear down Harley engines in the living room <-- Bedroom is OK <-- Are we related?

Don't fear the reaper

Shred everything
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