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A while back, I was doing my big list of 1,3,5,10 year goals, and part of that is a list of places I want to visit. Among those places are Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. So, I decided to see just how much a business class ticket costs (I'm 6'4" 305#: 14 hours in coach is Not Happening), so I could start planning a budget. Go to Qantas' site, select Seattle to Sydney, in September, and....

Eleven. Thousand. Dollars.

ALL RIGHTY THEN! And Japan, that's only eight thousand! Yeah, better start saving those pennies!

I did eventually find a number of places that advertise prices less than half those rates, but geez! I wonder if I could buy tickets for a whole row of coach. That might work, and I think it'd be cheaper.
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