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Evil, but cute & gay about it
...ramblings of the imperfectly innocent
Body improvement report 1 
8th-May-2006 08:54 pm
Way back in '00, I made a concerted effort to lose weight via The Hacker's Diet. It was a smashing success, as I lost 95 pounds in the first year, and another 25 in next six months (going from 365->245). My body refused in no uncertain terms to go under 240 no matter what I did (I'm a beefy/stocky 6'4" for those who don't know), so I was content with 245 for a long while. After about 2.5 years of staying there, this slowly crept back up, and when I went through my post-Lumeta intense stress and broke-ness, I ballooned to well over 300 again (no exact number, since I was too scared to get on a scale).

After moving to Seattle, where I now walk 2.5mi to and from work, and can afford to eat right again, I quickly lost the worst of the weight, but resolved to do better. In January, I joined a gym (we got a break where my employer pre-pays the year at a significant discount, and it just gets deducted from my twice-monthly paycheck) and got a personal trainer. My goal was to go from 295->280 in twelve weeks. With his training and diet, I instead went to 310; -100% of my goal. Now, yes, I probably did lose fat and gain muscle, but we did go over my goals, and #1 was "weight loss". This not having been accomplished, I did not renew his contract after those three months.

So now I'm back to my old diet and my homemade workout routines, and I bought one of those body fat/muscle mass measuring scales from Tanita. (If you're in the market for a scale like that, my advice is simply "don't buy one". I don't trust the absolute numbers it provides, and I had a perfectly good scale already. Buy a handheld fat-measuring dealy instead.) My new goal is "fat loss, and either weight loss or muscle gain" with some specific numbers by end of June (20% BF, 240# muscle). Using the power of spreadsheets, I now have these lovely graphs showing my body fat percentage and muscle mass (yellow is raw data, blue is 7-day WMA) for most of the last six weeks, and I'm well on my way. Cool!
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