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The keyword for the past week and a half has definitely been "drama". Drama drama drama. Most of which is non-bloggable. But please know that everyone is alive and getting the help they need.

The small amount of work drama happened on Thursday, when I met with J at work to discuss my design for refactoring the module I've been working on. He's the senior architect, so his opinion matters. He kept on insisting that what I wanted and what he wanted weren't far apart, and I kept insisting they were. In the end, I wanted a non-reentrant, thick, intelligent, buffering layer, and he wanted a reentrant, thin, dumb, non-buffering layer. So, yeah. My enthusiasm for this has suddenly plummeted. I have to see if I can design something sane around his constraints.

Further frustration happened today when I had to interview this candidate who turned out to be smoking hot. If you're looking for hot geeks, they all work at my company. And they're all straight and married.

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