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Seattle Newspapers

Here in Seattle, we have the Post-Intelligencer (aka "the P-I") and the Times. They have some sort of bizzare incestuous financial relationship, somehow centering around the fact that they use the same printing facilities, and there's some sort of lawsuit pending over whether the Times can claim losses from printing the P-I on the Times' presses, or something. I don't entirely understand it. They also have a lot of similar content, and there are lots of "Seattle already only has one paper" jokes.

At any rate, the P-I is not doing so well, and something bad will probably happen to it soon. This makes me sad, because I see a big difference between the two, and much prefer the P-I. To illustrate this, here's today's above-the-fold headline in the Times:

Sims wants to boost sales tax to add buses

PDF link

and the same above-the-fold headline in the P-I:

Sims wants to boost bus service with tax

PDF link

Can you guess which one is the shock-centric right-leaning paper, and which one isn't?
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