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Late night cooking

I tried doing the cheddar sauce again, and at first I couldn't even get the roux to work, and the second time the sauce just turned out all grainy. Ick. I'll need to review Alton's notes, or use different milk and cheese or something.

The first French Onion Soup of the season, however, turned out *wonderful*! I missed the OSOs, but caught some Texas SpringSweets (Walla Wallas won't be here until closer to July, of course). Watching that pile of off-white onion shards slowly settle into a layer of thick brown PURE CONCENTRATED FLAVOR really brings home the magic of cooking. Throw in some Gewurztraminer from Chateau Ste. Michelle, homemade chicken stock from February, canned beef consume, unfiltered apple cider, and a splash of cognac, and ahhhhhhh...

It will be even better tomorrow covered with some French loaf, Fontina and Mozzarella.
Tags: ab, alton, food, foodpr0n

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